General Electric  X  JT  X  Android Homme


Project Manager / Co Designer

Launched July 20, 2014

sole collector 

GE, which is at its core a materials science and engineering company, decided to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first manned moon landing by launching a limited edition sneaker. ge was responsible for providing the material for the original moon boot that made it safe for the astronauts to walk on the moon. 

"We wanted to make something cool and hip—something for young aspiring astronauts like the next Neil Armstrong," said Sam Olstein, GE's global director of innovation.

the quote above was my mission and i somehow accepted knowing the timeline was close to impossible. i was given the project in January and had to deliver a final product by july.

i approached brandblack and android homme to partner up on this collaboration and ended up going with Android homme. i worked closely with ge to deliver a product that met their vision. after multiple design revisions working with the design team at android homme and the development team at otabo we delivered a consumer ready product just in time for the moon landing anniversary. 

The final sneaker has parts made from lightweight carbon fiber used for jet engine components and sports a hydrophobic coating similar to materials that prevent ice from forming on wind turbine blades.

The mission moon boot sneaker went on sale at jackthreads on July 20th at 4:18 pm, the time the Apollo 11 lunar module arrived on the moon. Only 100 pairs were made, priced at $196.90.

the sneaker is currently displayed at the  traveling exhibit, "OUT OF THE BOX: THE RISE OF SNEAKER CULTURE".


buzz aldrin with the missions

seeing this press image made all of the long hours and heart attacks worth it. (fun fact: he was wearing one of the first samples and i was so worried the sneakers were going to fall apart. this sample also had a creamy outsole which is different to the production version.)


behind the scenes of the development process

early prototypes from brandblack. we were off to a great start but we were not going to get to the deadline on time. upon realizing this i focused on fast tracking the sneaker i was working on with android homme. images below of early brandblack material tests.

below are images of the design evolution of the sneaker that made it into production. the first image is the initial design from mr. bailey. he crushed it with this concept. javier laval (Designer/Creative Director of AH) and i thought this would have been sick if we made the the shoe out of a one piece molded upper and a pod like outsole system similar to what you see from the reebok pump fury. i really wanted to deliver the initial concept but had to scrap it and go with a margom outsole and a more traditional upper construction to make our deadline. we simplified the design to make it commercially friendly and still be "cool and hip".

The sneaker displayed at the  traveling exhibit, "OUT OF THE BOX: THE RISE OF SNEAKER CULTURE" in the Brooklyn Museum. kind a cool seeing it sitting next to other iconic sneakers.